My Personal Work Life Balance..

I'm of the opinion that our work-life-balance is of great importance and influences our motivation and inspiration also in our jobs. That's why holding on to my hobbies other than my profession has always meant a lot to me.

I love cooking and eating and am a real wine and single-malt freak. I also love meeting people and traveling - anything which makes life worth living

However, my real passions are mountainbiking and rowing. For many years I've been into marathon and freeriding competition. For personal perfection and pleasure I also trained downhill, yet without aspiring for sporting success.

As with the years reaction times tend to get longer, I stopped downhill-biking and concentrate on regular mountain-biking instead.

Since rowing has also become one of my favourite sporting activities, I often train on the beautiful Lake of Zurich together with my colleagues from the Rowing Club Erlenbach.
Be it skiff, double sculls or cox-eight, I love all my rowing exercises early in the morning before going to work when the Lake of Zurich offers most spectacular sceneries.

That fills me up with Positivity and keeps me going strong..

Sep 2016, Dennis Savini